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Centralized Lubrication System Calculator
CentraCAL was developed to standardize and quicken the process of manually calculating centralized lubrication systems. It's as simple as entering data and pressing the calculate button. Originally developed to handle the compression industry, CentraCAL, has been increased to handle all types of industry. There is no other program like it..
"Standardizing the Industry"
"Making Your Job Easier"

Screen Shots Compressor Section

Showing Setup before Calculating

Showing Calculation before adding Pumps etc.
With Lube Chart

Video Link - See it Work

More to come in the near future

The CentraCAL program handles any Feeder Block System such as Trabon, Lincoln, Dropsa and all Feeder Block systems that work off of the cu. in. displacement method. Is all the user has to do is enter in the information of each lubrication point and then press the calculate button to produce a professional computerized drawing.

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