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We are Located at: 4515 - 53 Street, Unit A, Wetaskiwin, Alberta (AB), Canada T9A 1R2

Website Development

      We specialize in getting hits to your website. Many people have built beautiful websites and then wonder why nobody comes. Having a website nowadays is like being a grain of sand in the Sahara Desert. Nobody notices you. You need to build an oasis that everyone will talk about and/or you need to make sure people will see your roadmap on how to get to your site.

      Your oasis could be the next big thing but that is a real shot in the dark so while you build the oasis you need to perfect the roadmap to your site. This is what we specialize in, building that roadmap so that by the time your oasis has been built people will be following your roadmap to your site and then they will start telling people about your oasis.


Current Clients

Andresen Auctions

Royal Star Rider
Observation Mountain Academy

Ultra 2000 Plus

Designed to track Vessels and Piping from manufacture through to the end inspections required, once in service and on until it is taken out of service. Ultra incorporates both Drawings and data into one interface so that All Data is at the Users Fingertips from the Drawing or Vice-Versa.


the Centralized Lubrication System Calculator which calculates and draws lubrication systems for all types of industry including Pulp and Paper, Automobile Assembly Lines, Steel and the Oil and Gas Transmission Industry.

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ULTRATECH Software is a software creation company
specializing in industry specific applications.